Ever wanted to gift your loved ones with something that’s your trademark style and personally designed artifact or memento? Ever wondered if all those creative doodles you made on paper could be transformed into something meaningful and tangible? Ever craved to see your own-stylized pen-paper based designs brought to material reality having a more cherished lifelong memoir value?

Here’s how you can accomplish it.. using Photomake! Ponoko is a start up by a talented bunch of designers and Enterpreneurs from New Zealand and Photomake is one of their featured application.

I like the fact that the artifacts that would be created using Photomake will carry visual cues that carry an essence of the person’s emotions, sentiments and creativity expressed through the handmade counterpart of the artifact. A fun and impressive attempt to blend individual creativity, design and human emotions!

Do check out…looks promising from the first impressions 🙂