transparent toaster

transparent toaster 2
Ever fretted over burnt, over-toasted bread slices in the mundane toasters ? Here are two different toaster designs that attempt to solve that problem… although both of them are more or less transparent toasters, they differ in their form and function. The first one is stylish, uber cool and chic but unfortunately would toast just one slice. I was wondering how easy would it be to take the toast out of the slot. Cleaning this seemingly expensive stylish appliance is another worry! The other one is bulky, shows off the heating coil inside but can toast two slices at a time. Popping out the toasted slices seems much more easier in this toaster and so does the cleaning. It also very closely maps the mental model the potential users may have of how a toaster should be used. The addressee in the first toaster example would be some person who would like to make a fashion statement through his/her gadgets whereas in the second example, the addressee is a homemaker who wants something advanced as well as equally functionally efficient.

As designers its essential to strike a balance between form and function of a design based on the phenomenological understanding of the potential users of that design product.