I just thought of another example of Saussure’s language-object-meaning-detachment thing today, which makes much more sense to myself. And I share with you to receive your feedback on it.

Think about people and the name they have. Take myself for example, “Yuebo” is my name, a word my mother chose for me as a signifier that builds a relationship between me as a person, the signified, and the word “Yuebo” that represents me, the signifer. [signifer and signified] There are many people share the same first name as me, so when you talk about “Yuebo”, you know it’s me only when we share the same context. [detachment between language and the object] Interestingly (I don’t know if it is unfortunately), my mother had changed my name many times, to name a few, “Mo” and “Xuanlin” and I have nicknames both at home and in school, like “Yu Da”(means a heavy rain), “doggy”, “little monk”, “little A”, etc. Therefore around the concept of ME, there are a network of words that associate with me that some people associate with a part of the the network while some people may associate with another part of the network. [word network, connection] So when does myself as a signified become another signifer? An follow-up example would be that some people may know ME as a positive person, and when they mention ME with other people who share the same understanding of ME, they will think of something with positive characteristic. And that, which is the positiveness, is the signified that myself is signifier-ing for. [signifier-signified chain relationship]

I am not sure if I am making this more complicated to you or not, but I do have a much clearer understanding of the concepts by these examples.