I was thinking about the short discussion we had about Gadamer on Tuesday in class. He had this understanding (check that, expectation) that people have a bias when interpreting works presented to them.

This reminded me of how (at least) American film and tv work. We, as viewers, have built up stereotypes of the types of characters we expect to see. But this is very important to the story. WIthout this bias, you wouldn’t know the jock was dumb and kind of a player, the protagonist isn’t cool, but probably will be, and the cheerleader, well she’s a slut. It’s the same thing with the song we listened to. If you never experienced love or heartbreak or a “lovers’ quarrel” you would find it very hard to understand the meaning of the song.

In undergrad (telecom) we actually talk about how writers use these stereotypes to save time and story. They don’t have to explain why someone is the way they are, because we already know, thanks to our “historically effected consciousness” of what those people are supposed to be like.

So I’ll open this up with a question. Do you think its possible to create story, film, music, or art without utilizing the viewers predicted bias? I have to say that we as designers not only expect it, we depend on it. Just think about personnas…