“Activity theory cautions us that any tool has the potential to transform the activity in which it is used and, reciprocally, that tools have the potential to be transformed as they are used.”  pg. 13

This made me start thinking in circles about how the context of something is constantly changing.  It makes it very difficult to ever truly understand a situation on top of the different lifeworld problem within design of never being able to understand something the exact same way as someone else understands it.  If the context is always changing, then it’s impossible to design for a context.  There is always  more to learn and more to understand.  No wonder design is so difficult and the strategy of working with the ultimate particular was developed.  At least at that level there is a smaller net of things to understand because the focus is narrow.

Then there’s the thought here of user interpretation.  If the context of design understanding is always changing based on an ever changing context, interpretation of the both the user and the designer is influenced by context, context is influenced by interpretation, and the addition of a new design causes new interpretations and new context… no wonder design = HARD; design = WICKED.