after class on Tuesday Ben and I were talking about an idea: what if a child was raised in a gravity-less world. they were never told about gravity. they never read about gravity. gravity does not exist in their life world. later in the boy’s life he is brought to Earth (with gravity enabled). what happens to the boy? Ben’s comment was “I think he will float away”.

i doubt he will float away, but how do we explain what will happen to him. or will he not even realize the effects. i remember reading somewhere that the native americans didn’t even see the ships coming because it was such a foreign object they weren’t able to process the ships were there until they were on the shore. could be a lie.

i guess my point is that we can all agree that the tiny specks on light in the sky are actually objects hurling through space at crazy speeds and are actually (for the most part) quite enormous in size. we’ve never seen that. and things like that do not exist in our life world.

does this phenomenon happen in design? i tried to think of an example of something like that that was created, but i feel like as designers we are restricted. can we actually design something that doesn’t exist in our life worlds? or are all designs somehow a continuation of something we already know and understand (like the radio -> cd player -> ipod)?

btw, i don’t know if you know this or not, but i love space…