I  have to some thoughts here, and please tell me if I’m right or wrong and how.

If phenomenology is concerned with the things situated in consciousness, which is situated in life-world, a phenomenological approach should be concerned with the same things.  So when you take a phenomenology approach to understand visual culture, you are concerned with the life-world of the creator.  And you might even need to reconstruct the life-world of the creator.  We cannot really become concerned about the life-worlds of the viewers because there are viewers during that time when the visual culture is produced, viewers share similar life-world with the creator, viewers 10 years later, viewers 50 years later, viewers in another culture, different age, and so on…We cannot really concern with them all…  However, if we take phenomenological approach to interaction design critique, we can not only concern with the life-world of the creator, but also the users, because the users share more intersubjectivity than the infinite broad range of visual culture viewers…but..users are still kind of a LOT.

My question is:  when we take a phenomenological approach, what are we concerned with?  Do we need to take viewers or users’ life-worlds into considerations?

I feel like it is a weird question to ask….:P