My phenomenology account of critique is on this concept design called 10/GUI, reinvent desktop human-computer interaction design.

I found it interesting that there are already many critiques going on in the comment area, and someone even wrote a post to exclusively critique this concept. I think it would be better to write my own before taking a look at others’ critiques, which will be an interesting read.

This video contains both the design and design rationale. So I guess I am going to critique both, but focused on the design. I have so much to say about this proposed new interaction, but I feel I am not there yet. Just post this as a place holder and will come back later.

Here are the clusters I came up from watching the interaction and reading one of the comments regarding to the video. I am not sure if they are good clusters or not. You don’t have to look at the video to tell me that, so here they are,

    with ten fingers rest on the pad, the design let me think of playing piano, and I did feel a sense of freedom of operation
    but with further examination, I found this design asks a high requirement for the hand/fingers (branches listed below)

  • full use of fingers, I cannot as eating as operating for some tasks (ignore the accessibility issue)
  • the fingers have to be clean and dry, but my hands (and the commentator’s) are most of the time sweaty, so worried about the pointer “jump” issue
  • it could not meet the gamer’s need,
  • it is good at general target but bad at small/precise target
  • since ten fingers are on the pad, there could possibly be unexpected use (i.e. different finger position, finger joints touch…).
    Instead of free, the design restrict the hands (explain)
    when use a mouse, the hands stay separate, the design throw the mouse away but also sacrifice the hands position. It bring two hands together in a restricted manner(and it doesn’t have to be that way), to feel naturally, I see “break” the pad while still keep the function would be a better choice.

These are some of the first clusters, and I have some more clusters regarding to the software solution. I know it is too much for now, but there must be some that are not good clusters,