So, as some of you may know, me and Casey go play DDR just about every Friday afternoon.  As some of you might not know, Casey is insanely good at DDR.

It was funny last Friday, though… There were a couple of new interactions that happened.  First, we gave the Pump it Up machine a try… It has 5 buttons instead of 4 like DDR.  Later on, Casey gave Doubles on DDR a try.  Doubles is where you use both pads and have to dance across the whole machine.

Now, Casey is insanely good at singles/versus DDR but I noticed that he was having trouble with the other two.  So, we got into a short discussion…

Normally, Casey doesn’t even think about the DDR pad when he’s playing, but it was obvious that on the 5 button game and on the doubles he was having to look at his feet sometimes and and think about what he was doing.

This seems like a good example of going from Ready-at-hand and Present-at-hand.  We disagreed on what it was that was becoming Present-at-hand though…

Was it his mindset/DDR knowlege?  Or was it the pad?  Or was it his feet?  I argued that it was the pad because it was the tool he was using to play the game.  Especially on the 5 button machine, he had to consciously focus on the buttons because he wasn’t used to where they were.  But in the end, we weren’t too sure.

Anyway, that is all for today.