Hey Class,

Spending my lovely Sunday afternoon wrapping up the essay outline and I had question for you. Basically because my interaction is with a consumer model camera it is starting to sound like a cnet.com review or something, only with a more technical vocabulary and resources to back up what I’m saying. Is this okay? I’m actually thinking it might be an extension of my own experiences in reading reviews of such devices.

So, to get it down to a particular I am saying a particular user, a dad,  using a particular camera, my Polaroid HD DV,  for a particular event, his child’s first birthday.

I’ve been walking around my apartment imagining what that would be like. Thinking about the elements of the party. What would the dad want his audience to see. What types of extensions of his own eyes will he want with the camera. My main argument is that because the camera has such poor quality and terrible ergonomics, it interrupts the extension of his visual understanding of the event because he must take time to make the artifact known, taking away from the natural flow of him recording the experience the way he is experiencing it.

I think that’s basically where I am right now. I have some resources sprinkled in there, read-to-hand, present-to-hand, lifeworld, flow, etc.

Let me know if anyone out there has any last second feedback or if you are experiencing similar things.