So when I was doing my Outline last week I re-found this quote in the Prince True Lies reading.

“Spielberg’s dinosaurs made such a huge impact on viewers in part because they seemed far more life-like than the miniature models and stopmotion
animation of previous generations of film.”

But as I read this the first time and again last week all I can think about is how much I miss movies where the special effects were done without as much technology, and I don’t think technology always makes it more life-like. When some freaking ninjas had to wear 80 pound turtle costumes to do flips and jump kicks and stuff it was AWESOME.

And I’m not trying to say that the effects available today are not incredible too.

But too often I feel like I see movies that could do really cool stuff with live action or “old skool” miniature models that dont, and I wish more movie makers wouldn’t just settle for using technology for special effects.