So in the readings for Thursday (Bolter & Gromala, 369-82, “Transparency and Reflectivity: Digital Art and the Aesthetics of Interface Design”), I just wanted to ask if anyone noticed that (or agrees with):

Present to Hand & Transparency are the same thing.

Ready to Hand & Reflectivity are the same thing.

Transparency Def:
“… they usually assume that the interface should serve as a transparent window, presenting the user with an information workspace without interference or distortion. They expect the user to focus on the task not the interface itself.

Reflectivity Def: “There are times when the user wants to be immersed in the data and to forget the interface, and other times when the user needs to step back and look at the interface rather than through it.”

You awareness is on the tool, not the task.


You are using the tool, but your awareness is on the task.


Do you agree? Yea? Nae?

Are the differences that I am not seeing/understanding? (If so, please make them “present-to-hand” for me!)