So I took a look at one of the readings for this week, and it talked about how people use language in different contexts to connotate meanings within a community. I saw this as an opportunity to share some of the knowledge I know about the metal community by showing this music video (Arch Enemy – Revolution Begins). Please enjoy! (It’s a short post)

Basically this can only be described by the following phrase: “that’s metal”. Now, I am not just saying the obvious, but I am using the awesomeness described by Zach and Ron (of epic Metalscape fame), as something that is so imbued with the spirit and experience that you feel it through your body. This is exhibited in the following ways:

(from the video)

  1. flames
  2. walking (stance)
  3. black and sepia colors
  4. usage of few video filters
  5. defiance and epicness
  6. pretty built (physically – like Vin Diesel) people
  7. clouds

(from the music)

  1. epic fast (2 handed) solo
  2. very full of power (volume)
  3. high energy (speed)
  4. the black and red for anarchy (color)