I’m trying to choose an appropriate amount of interaction to choose for the  paper.  I think I want to work with something from the New Super Mario Bros for Wii since I’ve been playing it so much as it is, but I’m not sure what part of the interaction to talk about.  I like the idea of tackling the difference between playing with one player and two players or comparing the interaction to a much older version of the Super Mario Bros saga (Super Mario 1 or 3 for NES).  I’m not sure if such a comparison is appropriate or if that is tackling too much.

I’m also concerned about what part of the interaction to take on.  Do I look at a  level or maybe a world?  Or do I focus on something really small like using what James terms the “whirly-bird helmets”?

"Whirly-bird helmet"

My back up to this choice is working with text messaging on an iPhone.