Hi all,

I want to mainly take semiotic approach for my final paper because I think this way of seeing is very important, and I want to get some practice on that since I got practice on phenomenology in the pre-writing assignment already.  However, I’m not feeling comfortable or confident to really do that in this busy semester end.  I feel that we’ve being talking about semiotics for only so short time(far less than the time we devoted to phenomenology) that I don’t feel I have a decent grasp on this.  Also, when I look back at the papers on semiotics now, I do not see how they can be referenced in the final paper except explaining some semiotic terms. For example, the papers on film, I don’t see how camera angle, depth of the field and montage can be applied to interaction…I have another concern which is, I don’t see what my expertise(if I have any) can be drawn upon since it depends on what interaction I pick.  So I really want to know how to pick an interaction that is both interesting to me, not too big not too small in scale, and also can utilize my expertise.

Well, I’m curious to know if some of you might feel the same way?  Or you have any suggestions on how to do this?