I am not familiar with heavy metal and I am struggling to appreciate the opera. But today’s example from nightwish reminds me of a similar “text” in China.

Here is a song by Jay Chou and Zuying Song in spring festival gala of 2009.

A little background: Jay is one of the most popular male singer, including the Mainland, Taiwan, and HongKong area. He is famous for his R&B and mumbling singing style. Zuying is the top female singer in folk singing style. (Folk singing for me is like opera, I am trying to appreciate the genre too.)

This live show, like the nightwish example, includes a juxtaposition of many discourses. There is R&B vs. folk style juxtaposition; there is adult vs. child voice juxtaposition; there is Western modern vs. Chinese traditional musical elements juxtaposition; there is a musical instrument juxtaposition (the drum stick vs. the nunchaku); there is a dress juxtaposition; actually the song itself is a literally juxtaposed of two songs, the refrain part is originally from Zuying’s other song (Hot Girl).

I would say that I see the originality by juxtaposing these together to get something new and interesting.