So for my MA thesis which I have to write next semester, I am going to research youth subcultures but in particular focus on an understanding of how hip-hop features in youths everyday lives. I’m interested in the idea of place as previously music ‘scenes’ were geographically located to a specific location (for instance the Manchester music scene in the 1980s or the San Francisco rave scene). However, with the digital revolution, music scenes went from being local to virtual. Instead of hip-hop being tied to a location, now people can interact online, share mix tapes, videos, raps and lyrics etc.

It would thus make sense for my final I590 paper to write an interaction critique that is somehow related to all of this in order to develop my thesis ideas. So, does anyone have any ideas on an online interaction that is somehow linked to hip-hop or subcultures? There are various forums out there but the ones I’ve found don’t seem particularly appropriate for this project. I just thought I would ask if any of you had any thoughts as I seem to be hitting a brick wall and rapidly running out of time. Thank you!