I believe that interaction design is still in the equivalent of the early stages of cinema. As yet, we have no fuDy developed language unique to interactive technology. So we are still drawing on the language of previous creative modes. It may help to categorize these languages according to their “dimensions”: 1-0,2-0,3-0, and 4-D.

-Crampton and Smith, What is Interaction Design? p xvii

After discussing this passage both in class and with Anna Eaglin, I began thinking about how we frame interaction design (ixd) in the context of other mediums. Or, rather, I’ve become more curious why ixd (interaction design) is not closely tied to industrial design at a theoretical sense. The interaction part of our field seems to get it’s roots from the cs technical fields. Whereas the design part seems to come more from the visual culture we are discussing.

However, I wonder why we are not looking and exploring industrial design theory. Am I wrong to think that it is interaction design and simply HCID without the C? What do you think we can get from studying industrial design theory as it relates to HCI? I think it can do much more for us than cinema can. I’ve neither studied cinema nor industrial design, so I certainly couldn’t say for sure.