I just finished reading Jeff’s Interaction Criticism manuscript. Wow, it was awesome. I’m not trying to be a kiss ass or anything but this paper said a lot to me. The paper was very approachable and spoke to everything, I think, that this class is about. Specifically I think Jeff did a great job keeping the reader in mind. Clearly this paper is authored with the HCI community in mind as it speaks to why we should accept and perform interaction criticism. Jeff also speaks with authority on many different theories and philosophers which give him credibility and a solid foundation upon which to stand. If we look at the intentions of this paper I think it’s clear that the author is arguing for criticism’s place in HCI rigor (which is more or less stated within the paper). Looking into the future for when this is published I can see this paper shaping how the HCI community thinks about criticism and it’s role within design and our practice of design.