There was a particular part of the Devearaux reading that especially troubled/interested me;

“One of the most remarkable facts about Triumph of the Will is that the reality it records is a reality it helped to create…Riefenstahl other words, helped to set up the spectacle her film was designed to document.” (239).

We talked a lot in class about how design is always political, but it’s frightening to me that a design I could possibly be involved in could create or support some morally questionable ideal. You can never know how your design is going to function in the world, but are there ways to protect against this? The more I think about this, the more paralyzing it seems.

On a lighter note, this quote also reminded me of a History Channel show I saw called, “How Williams Shatner Changed the World.” The premise of the show was how the technology that existed in original Star Trek was the basis for some of the technology we enjoy today such as the flip cellphone and the personal computer. Many of the people who loved Star Trek in the 60’s were the ones who entered fields that were responsible for developing these visions. What I really took from this was as designer we are not only designing for the future, we are in a way creating the way people envision the future. Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.