During last year, I have heard at least a couple of times from the interaction culture class alumni on reading a work from a different perspective such as author, social context etc. to develop a deep perspective on the works. I never really tried that for one due to the fact that Idid not deeply ask them further to explain to me on how to do it etc and add time constraints to it. (And after reflection, I also realize I never had a critical lens in first place for reading a work)

Lowgren & Stolterman is the first paper/work I tried reading through the “expressionist theory” lens. This was so new to me and very interesting honestly.

First the paper in itself was of great interest to me because it takes about a designer. This got me absorbed into the actual content over than applying the critical lens. So the problem I had was that I tried to read the content as well as the view through “expressionist theory” at the same time. This was like you had to do two layers of cognitive activity – first layer just reading the content & second layer applying the lens and thinking on the first layer.  This is not like Barnard or other previous readings, where the focus is to just understand the content and think about it critically.

I am also curious if others have strategies when reading a new & exciting work through a different lens.

P.S Currently the only option appears to me is to do a reading of the work, first focusing on just the content and then re-read the work  by consciously focusing on application of the critical lens.