Folks. I don’t know how to explore this so can you help me tease out the “binary” conversation we had yesterday?

Classical or Baroque?
Rap or Hip Hop?
Loud or Quiet?
Tall or short?

“Wolfflin {blitzer} suggests that Classical and Baroque paintings may be distinguished in terms of their ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ clarity (176, Barnard). What I hear is that there are these absolute terms, removed from the context of the art(ifact) itself.

Let’s use Rob’s example of the iPhone. Stripped of social context, looking at the iPhone from an absolute perspective I think I could make this list about the way to look at smartphones. Insider tip: I’m really opposing the iPhone to some Android phones.

Touch Screen/Button input
Russian Doll Navigation (digging deeper and deeper into an app)/ Singular back button
Single service carrier/Multiple service carriers

I could continue making the list but I think the point is made. So, let’s look at the Russian Doll Navigation. In an the tweetie client for example, I go to my feed, click on a link, see the profile, click on the link again, load the browser, and to go back to my feed I need to go back, back, back back. It’s like a Russian Doll stack. But, the iPhone also has that big round button that lets you get to the home screen at any time. It also has some new multitasking features.

That being said, the binary argument doesn’t work. Perhaps that means I haven’t reduced the interactions low enough. Maybe there always is a way to reduce it to binary. Even so, I think that still doesn’t get at many of those ooh, ahh wonderful feeling when our phones do something that seems magical. That “experience” thing.