I am having trouble finding where Bell, or others from this school of thought, actually define art. Without it, their argument for excluding certain contextual relationships in favor of others becomes kind of… irrelevant. I mean, if it’s not proper to view the painting in context of my past experience, then I have no choice but to frame it through my current experience only.

However, what parts of that current experience am I expected to ignore? In the case of a painting, would it be everything outside of a canvas frame that that isn’t specifically intended to visually stimulate my senses? Even when locked into a current experience, the amount of information I’m processing at that moment in order to make sense of the thing I’m concentrating on is monumental. For that matter, what is considered the current experience is completely convoluted, since I have to draw on my past experience of .234 seconds ago to make sense of the thing I just moved my eye to.

I’m wondering if these issues are worked out anywhere, and I just blurred over them. Completely possible. Either way, any thoughts about it from you guys?