In Bardzell’s reading, we have learned four styles of portraying reality in film theories, and we also got corresponding four styles of portraying reality in Machinima video production field. For me, I think these four styles are the ways of how the filmmaker or Machinimator understand and present the reality/game world reality.

What I want to say here is about the second and the fourth style among Machinima video . For a quick reminder, here are the descriptions of these two styles:

[2] Stylizing the presentation of the game world to express internal psychological

phenomena or fantasies

[4] Presenting game reality in a way that corresponds to our experience

At the beginning, I tried to understand these two styles and make a distinction between them by different production technology used in these two styles of Machinima videos. In the second one, the Machinimator just exploit the assets of the game world to express some psychological states in fantastic way. It doesn’t express the game world in meaning way. All multimedia assets and production technology are external to the game world. All things in this style related with the game world is the physical settings of the game world. But in the fourth one, the Machinima video involves part of the game world and part of the extension to the game world.

When I read again, I tried to understand these two styles in another way. In the second one, the Machinimator expresses the psychological states of a character in the filmed reality. He uses stylized imaginative expressionism to present his perception.  He mediates the viewer’s relationship to reality. He doesn’t care about what the viewer thinks, and he just does what he wants. In the fourth one, the Machinima tries to understand the viewers’ perception of reality. He presents the correspondence between the presentation of reality on the video and the presentation of the reality that viewers perceive.

However, the thoughts above can’t convince me that I already understand these two styles well. Specially now I am a little confused about the reality discussed in Machinima videos. Here in Machinima video, reality mostly means the reality in game world. But we all believe that the reality in game world and the reality in real world conflicts in some aspects, just like the example of raid in the funeral.  So when we talk about these two styles, how to deal with the range of the game reality and the reality in real world? Can I use the discussion of these two realities to make a distinction between the second style and the fourth style?