We, as a class, have discussed the various effects of different camera angles several times. Camera angles can create many different emotions and affect the viewer in many different ways. I thought it might be helpful to post some of these different camera angles, via photographs of legos, so that we all might better see and understand for ourselves this emotional affect. [Note: all photographs were ‘crafted’ by me with the use of a Macro Lens, artificial light (bounced into a gold reflector to mimic the sun, a small home studio, and a digital camera.]


Lego Men, wide angle, looking down

Wide angle, looking down



Lego Men, wide angle, eye level

Wide angle, eye level



Lego Men, shallow focus, eye level

Shallow focus, 'normal lens angle', eye level



Lego Men, close up

Close up



Lego Men, close up, looking upwards

Close up, looking upwards



Lego Men, close up, looking upwards

Close up, drastic upwards angle



Lego Men, drastic downwards angle

Drastic downwards angle



Lego Men, close up, looking outwards

Close up, normal angle, shallow focus, looking outwards


Can you ‘feel’ the difference that camera angles create? How much does the lego man’s face effect the emotion of the photograph?