Before everyone freaks out, this is just an example I found of Terry Pratchett, a fantasy writer, explaining why he thinks Dr. Who isn’t science fiction.

What I found the most interesting is this comment from Jugglepunk:

At the risk of angering Mr Pratchett again (long story, don’t ask) I’d like to humbly submit that he is very wrong indeed.
Lets have a quick look at the checklist for science fiction.
Fictive Neology? Check.
Novum? Big blue police box shaped check.
The sublime? Check, the doctor is soooo old.
The grotesque? Check.
Etc etc.
Doctor Who conforms almost exactly to current academic science fictional thought. It may not always be very good, but it is undoubtedly SF. I think that what Terry dislikes is the way it is written.
Would be interesting to find out what he thinks of Neil Gaimans episode when it is broadcast.

While I’ve never seen Dr. Who, nor do I feel confident enough to apply the “Seven Beauties”, I thought it was an interesting instance of their application in a critical way.