My first post in this blog was about feeling lost in the readings. Since then, I’ve started to come up with a few strategies to help me read these sorts of texts. In the last set of readings on Science Fiction, I found a whole slew of words with which I was not familiar or needed clarity. I looked each of them up, and thought I would know, to help understand the reading or to remind you of the vocab sections of those awful GRE or SAT tests….

In order of appearance:

Technocratic (n):

  • an exponent or advocate of technocracy.
  • a member of a technically skilled elite.

Technocracy (n): (Since it was used in the last definition)


  • the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.
  • an instance or application of this.
  • an elite of technical experts.

Inchoate (adj):

  • just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary : a still inchoate democracy.

Immanence (adj):

  • existing or operating within; inherent

quotidian (adj):

  • of or occurring every day; daily : the car sped noisily off through the quotidian traffic.
  • ordinary or everyday, esp. when mundane

Logocentric (adj):

  • regarding words and language as a fundamental expression of an external reality (esp. applied as a negative term to traditional Western thought by postmodernist critics).

Axiological (adj):

  • of or relating to the study of values

Hegemony (adj):

  • leadership or dominance, esp. by one country or social group over other

Eulogistic (adj):

  • expressing praise in speech or writing

Dyslogistic (adj):

  • expressing disapproval

Deflationary (adj):

  • of, characterized by, or tending to cause economic deflation.

Transmogrified (v):

  • transform, esp. in a surprising or magical manner : the cucumbers that were ultimately transmogrified into pickles.

Inutility (adj):

  • the quality of having no practical use

Salutary (adj):

  • (esp. with reference to something unwelcome or unpleasant) producing good effects; beneficial

Redivivus (adj)

  • come back to life; reborn

I could not find a definition for lexicogensis or novum. Any help on these?