Many of you have probably noticed that a few of this blog’s posts have been discovered and commented by people outside of our class.

While we don’t need to zap them with ray guns, it is important to keep in mind that they are not reading what we are reading and that their comments, while well intentioned and (evidently in some cases) well informed in general, are NOT based on reading what we are reading. (They haven’t gotten to read Freedman yet, but I’m still alive, so there’s time, even for them.) So even as we struggle through very technical and specific definitions of, e.g., “science fiction” and “fantasy,” these folks don’t have access to those definitions. I’m not even saying that our definitions are better than their definitions, but only that we are not talking about the same thing, even if superficially we may seem to be.

Thus, I encourage you not to confusion conversations we’re having in class with comments made by outsiders to this blog.