[Note: This post was originally shared on my own blog, but I’ve re-posted here because I thought it might be interesting]

In looking at exemplars of photo sharing and critiquing sites, I’ve attempted to list out the formal qualities of each particular website. In this post I’ll be specifically looking at Flickr. I’ll list out the formal qualities found throughout most of Flickr, focus in on a photo page, look at Flickr groups, and finally try to draw out an interaction style of Flickr.

Formal Qualities of Flickr

Through Flickr the following formal qualities can be found, in no particular order:

  • photos
  • sets
  • groups
  • galleries
  • contacts
  • friends
  • family
  • tags
  • maps
  • titles
  • description
  • technological detail (ISO, shutter speed, etc)
  • rss feeds
  • thumbnails
  • sharing
  • slideshow
  • editor
  • lightbox
  • favorites
  • statistics
  • comments
  • license
  • privacy controls
  • send to a friend
  • bookmark via delicious
  • thumbnail navigation
  • hieroglyphic navigation
  • explore (random photos)

In particular the following features help to enable critique of some fashion:

  • photos (obviously)
  • groups
  • galleries
  • sets
  • tags
  • favorites
  • comments
  • technological detail