I was really excited to learn about the pre-writing technques in class this past week. I haven’t written much since coming to IU and it’s great to get new strategies about writing before jumping into such a large paper.

In the past, my strategy has been to just skim readings while writing the paper and hoping that I come across something that I read or took a note on which might be helpful. These new techniques seem to be a bit daunting in terms of time consumption but I think will greatly improve my ability to write papers.

The first step in all of this for me is to go back and (re)read everything for this class. There are several readings that I had a hard time understanding/digesting so I didn’t take any notes or highlights.  In fact, I’d have a hard time even telling you what the general purpose of what some of these readings might be. Now, I feel much more comfortable with the concepts and think that (re)reading these papers will be very helpful before beginning the pre-writing techniques.

I’m also considering setting up a time that we might be able to sit together later this week (perhaps over food and/or beer) to talk about some of these readings and blog entries…an extremely informal, after-the-fact reading group. The blog is a great place for discussion and I’ve found it very useful to follow, but I think having an organic conversation where we can bring these different concepts together might be fun, interesting, and helpful. Anyone interested?