Sometimes it’s very difficult to be gay. But it gets better.

It Gets Better is a Youtube campaign to support gay youth, especially those considering suicide. Companies like Facebook (above) and Google have joined the movement with supportive words from their employees who promise, it will, indeed, get better.

What this specific video does well is attend to online bullying. This video is a way for the Facebook brand to communicate they do not support hate speech and that their victimized users are empowered by the flag feature. This video does not tell people not to bully but it absolutely communicates that hate speech is hurtful. At a higher level, this video is an excellent recruiting tool. It communicates their employees work in an open supportive environment.

With similar sentiments, I sent this to a gay friend of mine and she said

We can use Gadamer’s theories of Art and Play to critique this interaction while being mindful that art is more of an expression. It would be more useful to use a Collingwoodian perspective of craft, which is much more like interaction design than art.

Gadamer draws an analogy between forms of understanding and the individual. In subsuming the individual players to the greater structure of the team or the game  itself. Gadamer echoes the earlier lack on subjectivity where individual reflection is arragment or larger hermeneutical structures, those or language and tradition. Meaning is not something self-sufficient or standing over and above words. Participation in the creation of meaning accompanies the very act of speaking. (98)

To create meaning from these finely edited clips of text, we must then consider the form of video and the the roles in which the individuals play. They do create the “greater structure of team” that Gadamer refers. Individual reflections, here on youth and emotional pain, are based on the languages and traditions.

To make meaning of this video we can interpret this video’s immediate target is youth in small, conservative American towns that would not otherwise support their lifestyle choices, which has historically been true. These employees have ‘participated in the creation’ of such a film is indeed speech in itself. Before Alex says even his first statement, he has spoken, he has made a statement to communicate his ideals and the ideals of his professional team.