there is a sense in which “we” are the products of the times, and horizons, “we” are seeking to understand (barnard, 57)

a few years ago my cousin Stef, her friend and I went to Miami for a week to just hang out and relax by the beach. They both live way out on the east coast and I’m a good ‘ol midwestern girl so it isn’t often that we get to spend time together. Stef was the only one with a point-and-shoot film camera while her friend and I both had point and shoot digital cameras. We’d all get together to take photos throughout the week and after a couple shots were taken with the digital cameras, and after we would look at them (to make sure no one blinked or a random stranger wasn’t in the picture) then Stef would say, “now I want one with my non-instant gratification camera”.

Should we agree with this?

Position: ‘this is taking way too long; any one should be able to operate a camera, not just professionals so, lets make it easy for everyone’

  • the evolution of the camera could have shaped the way we take photos now (the majority of cameras today have LCD displays)
  1. people had to wait until after the photo was processed (days, even weeks) –> instantly seeing that someone blinked, yields re-gathering for a better photo
  2. loading the film properly –> sliding in an SD card
  3. winding the film after each exposure –>instant point and shoot
  4. darkroom, water coloring (and eventually tools like Photoshop) –> multiple settings for sepia tone, black and white, etc.
  5. 400, 600, or 1800 film –> a menu with settings to auto adjust for close ups, portraits, sports, night-time, etc.

On the other hand, should we disagree with this?

Position: ‘everything else yields instant gratification, so should the camera’

  • we could have shaped the way the camera takes our photos, based on the other forms of instant gratification that we are used to:
  1. call taken by operator to direct the call –> cell phone usage yields instantaneous connection, even if the person does not answer (voicemail)
  2. hand written notes and greetings; word of mouth mini messages –> text messaging
  3. hand written letters –>email
  4. children waiting on a ride from the school bus–> having their own cards
  5. grade report cards sent via mail at the end of the term –> parents have online accounts to access daily progress of their child
  6. processing film and sending via U.S. post –>sending from your iPhone, seconds after the shutter closes