This is something that’s been rolling around in my head recently – I’ll try to articulate what I’m trying to figure out but it’s still fuzzy to me so I apologize if this post comes off as a bit confusing!

In this class we talk about theories of art as applied to interaction design.  The scope of “things” we can apply these theories to seems vast – objects, entertainment, art.  We seem to talk about pretty much anything that has been created with intent.  But isn’t there a scale of “meaning”?  For example, I would say that the Double Life of Veronique has a lot more meaning embedded into it (much more there to discover) than an average episode of C.S.I.  So what is the terminology we use for this?  Is one art and one is entertainment?  Is one craft and one is art (a la Collingwood)?  Do we just say that one has less meaning and one has more meaning?  I feel like there has to be a more elegant way to articulate this.  How do we even define meaning?

This is the point in my train of thought where my head usually explodes so please help me out here!