Ammar asked a question earlier on the blog that is likely of interest to many of you. Ammar asked why we should focus only one theory, when (a) that seems unnecessarily constraining and (b) that doesn’t seem to be what humanities scholars do.

I have written an answer to that, which I believe may be helpful to many of you, so I call your attention to it with this post, as a way to encourage you to read Ammar’s original post and the comment(s) beneath it.

Note also that Ammar is asking a question, and when he didn’t get an answer, he asked again in a later post. As Lowgren says in his paper, critical discourses are dialogues. And, as with everyday conversation, if you ask a question and it doesn’t get answered, you ask again, and that is more than all right: as Olson & Olson would say, it’s how we establish “common ground.” Thanks Ammar for the question and for the pursuit!