To go along with my Capstone topic, which is sex toys,  I’m focusing my paper is the Form 3 (the link doesn’t have any graphic pictures or language, but the word vibrator does appear. The associated video is not graphic, but it does use anatomically correct words). It’s a vibrator that is designed to fit in the hand and allow for directed external stimulation.

The expressionistic (Fabe) style of the Form 3 doesn’t mimic human genitalia which would tell the user what it is and what it is and how it is supposed to be used. Instead, the abstract shape allows for emergence and lets the consumer to create their own meaning and and use. This allows the user to engage in “Active Consumption” (Barnard, the Feminist Theory chapter). I also want to talk about how the expressionistic shape has become popular in opposition to the more realistic toys that have been the norm for the past couple of decades.

I feel good about my argument, but I feel like it is lacking depth. Any and all critiques or suggestions are highly welcomed!