I have a question in regards to writing our final paper. In “Jeff Bardzell’s Method to Writing a Phenomenal (not phenomenological) Paper,” number 7 is the Argument Outline. In order to make sure I am understanding this step correctly, here’s my example:

Frogs are neat (central claim)

Frogs are amphibious

  • Gadamer says being amphibious is neat.
  • Therefore frogs are neat because they are amphibious.

Frogs croak

  • Baxandall’s theory of croaking neatness says croaking is neat.
  • Frogs croak, therefore frogs are neat.

Frogs lay eggs

  • Barnard’s theory of anyone who’s anyone lays eggs is neat.
  • Frogs lay eggs, and are therefore neat.

Is this the correct way to think about this step?