When I watch this commercial, two things stand out to me:

FIRST, I feel that this commercial illustrates the clashes between the Mods, Rockers, and their respective images.

SECOND, the way the yellow motorcycle “Karizma” is presented – it seems to have its own mind and will. It seems alive.

When I say this, I am referring to the scene after the attack – after the yellow motorcycle’s name and image are attacked and muddied.

After the attack, the yellow motorcycle comes to life. He hunts down his opponents, and smears the very mud thrown on his body onto them, the ones who have defamed have had their defamations returned to them; the ones who have ridiculed are themselves ridiculed.

Why do I feel this motorcycle has come to life? The close-up shot of the yellow motorcycle at the beginning, the top-down view of the attack, the flinging of the mud – it is almost as if the motorcycle is gathering the mud and aiming at and hitting his enemies calculatedly – mud would not fall off of a moving vehicle with such precision. Maybe it is because the camera focuses so much on the yellow motorcycle, almost as if it is a person itself.