In the Barnard reading for today, on page 99, when talking about “practices” he says:

“A feminist approach to understanding visual culture, then, might consist in understanding it from the perspective of the user or consumer of design” (Barnard 99)

A line or two later after that comes..

“… it is a feminist gesture to insist on understanding design from a different perspective, that of the user or consumer of design” (Barnard 99).

My question is then, do we (or rather does the field of HCI) already look at design with a feminist approach? Our focus is constantly on the user/consumer. We are taught to take a user-centered approach in interaction design and experience design methods including role playing and body-storming allow designers to experience different perspectives when it comes to research.

I feel like throughout our classes we would have heard/focused/etc more on feminism since it already seems that HCI takes this approach… but then again maybe not?