The dominant position in design history designates the trend or topic of the design production. So mass-production, industry, hard material and more male-biased objects become professional because these ones are men’s preference. Oppositely, soft material, dressmaking, domestic and other feminine-preferred objects play less important roles in design field, because men in power choose to ignore the significance of them. What if design field developed with feminine dominance? If so, is it possible that domestic, soft material and dressmaking and other feminine-preferred objects become professional now?


Now feminism has a voice. Bringing feminine voice into critique of masculine’s production is about new account of male-biased production in different perspective, and also feminine voice causes to re-discovery or re-evaluate the traditional feminine objects. I think it is not enough to simply insert the feminine institution into a structure and hierarchy that is original male-defined. They can’t just easily be compatible. I want to know how feminine approach combines with male-defined production during process, not just used as a critique account after production, or pursuing a feminine-dominant trend.