I’m in the middle of writing this class paper. I’ve been finding out that my pre-writing has both helped and hindered me quite a lot. It has helped in laying out the basics of what I want to say and allowing me to merely expand upon my argument while I’m writing. It has hindered me because I failed to include a lot of quotes and straight definitions. Instead, I normally paraphrased things down to nifty little bullet points, in the future I would pre-write differently.

However, as I go through this paper, I find myself assuming a lot of things about my audience. I’m assuming that they believe and know that creativity can be a form of discourse. I’m also assuming some basic readings. My question then is, how do I know what is safe to assume, within our community, and what is not? Should I go about this paper as strictly a class paper assuming safely some things that we have read (while referencing of course) or should I write this paper as a CHI paper assuming a possibly different set of background readings?