Marx ruins everything!

So, I’m writing my paper about the interaction of Recommending a story on the New York Times to Facebook.

“If you want to understand the work, you must understand what the individual who made it was trying to express. However, as with all common sense, it is no so common” and not so easy to do. A Marxist may argue understanding what an individual is trying to express] “pushes an ideological view of the individual. The individual it promotes as the source of expression and understanding is the bourgeois individual of capitalism, alienated from an unconnected with the historical, social, political, and class structures that produce the notion of individuality in the first place” (Barnard 83).

NYT and FB are media giants, in their own rights, in their own industry hubs. They live on the coats and represents many of the things I ranted about in an earlier post: individuality, singleness, progressive mindsets, etc. Because they are powerful companies that gather and distribute information, they have a great amount of power to influence people through both their content, but also design. As giants, they can push their beliefs of class structure, especially something that’s very individual and capitalistic, and arguably continues to oppress the general public. Keep the little guy down, you know?

However, the press serves to investigate, inform and fact check other big businesses and government. They also support liberating ideals and values. Facebook gives people an open, relatively free forum to think, write, communicate and above all broadcast. So then, really, it’s quite revolutionary.

So, can the Times and Facebook be oppressors and liberators at the same time? How do I parse this one?