As everyone enters the final grind for the IC paper, I have a few notes and reminders, not in any order.

  1. The paper requirement is a CHI long paper. That means that you must use the CHI long paper format (it is linked here), and you can write up to 10 pages, including everything (references, images, title page, abstract, copyright notice, keywords–the whole shebang in 10 pages or less). Thus, depending on how many images you use, how many references you have, etc., your word count may vary. There is no 10,000 word requirement; earlier this semester I used that merely as a shorthand for about how long a CHI paper typically is. You may also turn in less than 10 pages. Anything less than 8, though, starts to look incomplete and that can affect the grade adversely.
  2. My office is being moved Thursday, which means I won’t be available for meetings. To make up for that, I will make myself available late Friday morning and Friday afternoon (I have a faculty meeting in the middle). I am more than happy to meet people one-on-one in 30-minute slots, so please email to sign up.
  3. If you have specific questions or problems, feel free also to email me directly. Feel free also to nag if I don’t reply in a timely enough way. I won’t be offended by polite reminders.

That’s it! Good luck with the writing and I’m looking forward to your papers!!