After reading Nina’s Black Swan blog post I was thinking about the movie “Enough” with Jennifer Lopez, the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy” with Julia Roberts, and the movie “Obsessed” with Beyonce Knowles.

In Enough, Jennifer Lopez tries to escape her attacker; her husband who beats her. She fights back and ends up openin’ up a can of ” ‘a’ double snakes” and kills him; same is true in Sleeping with the Enemy, except she first fakes her death to escape but ends up killing her husband as well.

Are these considered feminist movies because they are about oppressed women who fight back against males that have them bound by fear and beat them into staying by them?

Now, Obsessed. This film is about a white woman seeking out a black man who is married to a black women. The white woman is obsessed and starts stalking her boss (the black man) and tries to kill his wife so that she can have her husband.

Is this still feminism (a female being oppressed by another female)?

Unlike in Enough and Sleeping with the Enemy, although afraid, Beyonce does not appear to be terrified by her attacker (Lisa), does that still make Beyonce “oppressed” from a feminist understanding/standard?

Perhaps Marxism:

So like black-on-black crime, is this a picture of female-on-female feminism?