I am happy to see martial art mentioned in Somaesthetics reading. I just want to say something about what I understand martial art. This may be not related with any philosophy.

“True knowledge cannot be obtained simply by means of theoretical thinking, but only through bodily recognition or realization.”

Martial art emphasizes on sensory perception. It tries to cultivate personal sensory functions through somatic training. I like to read Chinese ancient martial art novels. In Chinese martial art novels, the master can hear the voice a few miles away, attack people only with voice, run faster than a horse and have unlimited power. Of course, all these are not true. Some are exaggerated. But it truly reflects that people believe that they can cultivate their sensory perception from martial art.   When people play Tai Chi Chuan, people are asked to avoid the noise outside, focus on body movement and experience nature body changes inside. “Consciousness of breathing can make us aware that we are angry, tense, or anxious when we might otherwise remain unaware of these feelings and thus vulnerable to their misdirection.” The more people perceive body language, the more be sensitive of changes outside.