You guessed it: Geiger et al for the last time this week (I might reference it in the future). One more quote to rattle the brain: “through careful attention to the film itself, through analysis of it, we can discover not just its obvious meaning, but its more complex, sometimes even contradictory, connotations (21).” They discussed these multiple layers to a text and how these layers–while most are invisible (22)–can be contradictory! Does anyone have an example of that!?! I thought it would be cool to have an exemplar–I’m drawing a blank. I found it interesting that they mention these contradictions and connotations in analysis as a means to make us aware of what is on the invisible level (making us aware of our personally held values and beliefs). Do you agree with this statement? Since I cannot think of an example its hard to agree–but maybe its because I don’t really watch or entertain text that I feel might be contradictory to beliefs that I have seen–though invisible. smile