This post is probably not going to make a lot of sense, but I do want to externalize some of my thoughts that I think may be related to the discourse of an expert.

Over the past weekend, I had been thinking about symbolism. I forgot where the thought had stemmed from, I know somewhere along the line “Da Vinci Code” popped up.

From the movie, Professor Langdon was a professor in symbolism (or something like that). He has years of experience and research under his belt, which may provide a deeper understanding and knowledge about a specific symbol. Yet we, ourselves still do interpret symbols all day long.

That said, I’m going to make a counter-argument to why experts may be regard as experts. And this idea was from a Youtube video of Authors@Google by Gary Shteyngart where he mentioned, “a lot of writing is also reading”. And that Book Reviewers of the past (now apparently only on New York Times) used to read 100+ book every year to review them critically, hence forming a ‘expert’ opinion on books over time.

And as a student or a design student, I think that amount of input is relevant.

In the video, Gary also mentioned that many people these days wants to be a writer. Yet the ‘distraction’ of wanting to be a writer (or a designer in our case) reduces the attention we paid to be one. There may be a tendency to fancy our works above others rather than reading/exposing to them, which he describes as “internalizing and make it part of you” (paraphrased).

I guess what I’m trying to come to a conclusion to, is that in this day and age, everyone seems to be an author. And while we all know what the Internet can and has done, there is probably still such a thing as an ‘expert’, whose collective goal may be topic-specific. And the continuous education in that area increases her/his knowledge on the topic that may externalize as expertise.

Here’s a link to the video for those who’s interested (FYI: the video is more than 1hr30mins long; I just had some free time to spare.)

I’ve categorized this post as ‘Rants’ since I’m not sure if it got anywhere.