I’m going to try to hit two points and do it in a short fashion, since I do tend to prattle on.

1) This is the first part of the movie Primer. As far as I can tell it is available in its entirety on YouTube. It introduces an aspect of science fiction that is absent from most contemporary SciFi – the combination of hard science in the context of social issues.

2) I also want to point to the dialogue at approximately 6:19 – the story about the US wasting billions of dollars to create a zero-g pen, and Russia solving the same problem with a pencil. I would argue that is a strong argument for defamiliarization as it pertains to design: the ties of what a pen means in business, science, and society in general and how rooted that these biases are that they can cause the cost of billions of dollars.

Also, the movie presents it as “a story,” so it may not be true. I would say the premise still holds, however.