Today after class Jeremy and I were having a discussion about whether or not trolling is wholly destructive, or even if so, if this destructive force is constructive in any way. I deferred to a reading of ‘raillery’ or ‘ridicule’ provided by the earl of shaftesbury:,_3rd_Earl_of_Shaftesbury. Here is a scholarly article on the emergence of satire in the ‘restoration’ period:

Basically, Shaftesbury is making the point that good ridicule lies between the spectrum of the totally obvious and the totally obscurantist. I mentioned the website as an example to be discussed as to its status along this spectrum. Perhaps this doesn’t directly deal with the issues surrounding intentionality that we have been discussing, but I think it is essential to think about with regard to the open criticism of ideas (which is the point that Shaftesbury was trying to make with respect to some ideas being totally off the chopping block due to their sensitive nature, in that when we can’t discuss some ideas in an open forum without controversy or offense, and how we might go about making convincing arguments without miring our claims in that controversy itself).  more on Shaftesbury: