I know this post is a week late, since it has to do with the readings from last week, but I was trying to think of how to word it. During the class, I know I brought up if whether or not Devereaux had restructured her essay to where section four was earlier on – the part where she explains why it’s evil – if that might have made any difference in people’s opinions on it.

It was interesting to me to listen to everyone talking during class that day about Devereaux’s use of the word “evil,” and how everyone felt it created an initial bias that made them uneasy or unreceptive to what they were saying for the rest of the essay. It brought home the idea that everyone sees things differently. I enjoyed hearing how other people reacted to the piece because it helped point out some points that I hadn’t considered before. So I guess my question is, what are some of the background experiences that people think may have affected their views towards heavy ideas like good versus evil?