in “the designer” I noticed how being prepared was an important theme.

“The possibility of a designer succeeding in a specific situation is determined by the extent to which she is prepared. A good designer is not the one who best follows the prescriptive steps of a method or technique, or the one who knows “the solution” in advance. Rather, a good designer can approach, appreciate, and assess a complex and unique design situation.” (the designer, 43)

This really stood out to me because of my experience in Boy Scouts. The overall motto for Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared”. This might mean having the right equipment, the right first aid skills, the knowledge to tie tie the right knot the first time, etc. The motto is something to live by, something I reference back to every time I pack to travel somewhere or even the mental preparation I go through for an interview or a presentation. Being prepared is something that you can live by, it can be applied in almost any life-situation.

“It is more a matter of being prepared than having a specific recipe or procedure for how to act.” (the designer, 53)

I’m really happy that this “motto” overlaps into the design field. My thoughts are that if you are adequately prepared throughout your design process, you will ultimately be enabled to do your best design work at that moment in time – without being restricted in any way by moments of “unprepared-ness”.

Thanks for reading.